Jasnoor: Making Waves in the Pool, Excelling in the Classroom

About me

My name is Jasnoor Kaur. I was born in Virginia, US State and have spent a significant portion of my life in Punjab, India. Growing up, I developed a deep affection for swimming. I am currently pursuing my education at Yadavindra Public School, Mohali. During my time there, I have developed a passion for medicine. Outside of studies and swimming, I have a variety of interests and hobbies. I’m particularly passionate about art and music…

Social Outreach

Visit to Oakridge School

Visited Oakridge international school to foster enthusiasm, to motivate and deliver a talk on time management and discipline. Time management and discipline have been the cornerstones of my journey towards success. Balancing the demands of being an elite swimmer and excelling in academics requires meticulous planning, unwavering dedication, and effective time allocation. During my talk, I emphasized the significance of setting clear goals, prioritizing tasks, and maintaining a structured schedule to make the most of every moment. By explaining how sports can boost intelligence and understanding, and how academics can improve sports technically, you are highlighting the symbiotic relationship between these two important aspects of personal development…..


Dedication, hard work, and determination have led me to numerous achievements and recognition throughout my journey.
Lets dig deep to have glance.

My Mentors

It is because of JOHNY BHATIA my coach that I proudly wear the title of the fastest junior swimmer of India . Thank You for being my guiding light during darkest times and for shaping me into the athlete I am today

ANITA SALARIA - A beloved mother figure in school . Your act of pushing me into the pool for the very first-time has shaped my life in ways. I could have never imagined.

TPS WARAICH (Retd) Major general, Director of Yadavindra Public School. You saw potential in me that I may not have seen in myself and your unwavering faith in my abilities has motivated me to strive for excellence. you have always celebrated my successes and taught me the value of hardwork and perseverance.

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